South Korea on Monday expressed its desire to transfer expertise and technology to Iraq and to open factories for Korean automakers, while noting that the Karbala refinery, which is now being built in Karbala city, accommodates 5,000 Iraqi workers.

The office of the Prime Minister said that he received today, advisor to South Korean President Hang Pyeong-do and his delegation, which includes Vice President of Hyundai Construction Company and Chairman of Kai Air Industries, Foreign Ministry officials and the Korean ambassador in Baghdad. 

"They want to develop relations, transfer the necessary expertise and technology to Iraq, open factories for Korean automakers in Iraq, use spare parts from the Iraqi market, and achieve the e-government system, of which South Korea is a leading country," he said.

The delegation referred to "the orientation of specialized Korean teams in coordination with the Iraqi Iraqi authorities to determine the location of the Heart Hospital for children, in addition to a site to collect cars, and to prepare fully to respond to the demands of the Prime Minister to develop sectors of health, agriculture and roads and housing and schools in a fast manner," pointing out that " Accommodate 5,000 Iraqi workers. "