Some items banned from importation in Iraq are included in a list of 37 items, according to the official website of the Ministry of Finance.

1. Sweets of children in the form of cans.

2. Playing children inciting violence of all kinds.

3. Fish chilled.

4. Recycled plastic materials that are included in food preservation.

5. Electronic cigarettes.

6. The contaminated drums.

7. Radioactive sources (with the approval of the Iraqi Authority for the Control of Radioactive Sources).

8. Canadian meat.

9. Pork.

10. Electronic equipment and equipment for security and intelligence use (with special approvals).

11. Used furniture.

12. Cement of all kinds (except white with the approval of the Council of Ministers).

13. the tools of prey.

14. Materials used.

15. Israeli products.

16. Antiquities, paintings and ancient carpets (archaeological).

17. damaged cars.