The Ministry of Health and Environment, on Monday, agreed with the United Nations for the Environment of industrial development on the Iraqi ministries and institutions of the private sector processing production lines and materials required to move to the clipboard uses the Ozone Layer.The general director of the Department of awareness and information Environmental Ameer Ali Hassoun said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "The Ministry of Health and Environment agreed during the meeting, a representative of the Industrial Development Organization of the United Nations for the Environment on the implementation of the Ozone Convention, which teamed with Iraq and for the replacement of production and materials used lines in ozone-depleting industries. "He said Hassoun, that "the meeting which took place in Baghdad in the presence of representatives of relevant ministries confirmed on providing Industrial Development Organization of the United Nations for the Environment equipment friendly to the environment and the ozone layer to be replaced in the ministries and public institutions as well as private sector."He said Hassoun, that "the protection of the ozone layer, which endorsed Iraq to join her and took into force would allow Iraq to take advantage of the support of the international organization in the transmission associated with this agreement industries to environmentally friendly industries and to refrain from the use of ozone-depleting substances agreement."The Protection of the Ozone Layer is one of the most important conventions that teaming with Iraq and entered into force since 2008.